2018 - Star Trekkin

Lavant Players presents their latest full scale musical production called “Star Trekkin”. An original story of love and adventure set on a space ship and in a galaxy far far away. Will our brave heroes defeat the evil emperor, will the ship’s crew overcome the adversities of space to return to earth and will true love win in the end? You’ll have to come and see to find out! Featuring 15 well known songs from the 1960s & 70s such as “I Love How You Love Me”, “Then He Kissed Me”, “Tragedy” & “A Wonderful World”.


The Big Bang Theory may have perfected saying it like it is. But Spock surely was the father of this genre of dead-pan humour, and Star Trekkin amply explores the Venus and Mars dynamics of Vulcan lurv, to a background of The Love Boat meets On The Buses. Front of house professionally invisible; the 2-minute call comes out over the tannoy. Fasten your seat belts and prepare to be transported completely out of this world. Because if you are not, you just won't get it. In a format reminiscent of Morecambe and Wise, with the two fools trading jokes with impeccable timing in front of the curtains, and revealing a song and dance cast doing sketch routines with almost dressage perfection on the tiny stage, the Lavant Players have turned out an homage to Star Trek that would surely make the original cast (and those of a few other Sci-Fi classics) proud. Only with a cast of such roundly talented singers - you did know that the crew of Star Trek sing didn't you? - could you find enough people to match all of the main characters that we know and love on the bridge. The wonderful set not only encapsulates the team in entirely credible digital scenery, that actually has moving computer graphics, but the attention to detail of those facing the machines and not the audience, may well have them punching screens in their sleep as they repeat the same key moves countless times. Who knew that you could pull off a play where most of the cast is acting with their backs for a large portion of the time? Yes, you can! But when they turn to dance yet another chorus of wry humorous glamour, the sound and open-hearted joy is brilliant. Heart throbs for all generations entrance you, as each takes centre (well, slightly left or right of a reassuring anchorman Captain James T in centre) stage. If the barrage of jokes are not all to your taste, from wordplay parries to catchphrase "who's Will?", then enjoy the silent cameos up and downstage and tangible reactions to many a love-sick lyric. Don't miss the countless supporting glances and gestures, that tease on the side. So much quality business going on its a treat.

Just don't forget to keep an eye on that screen. There are far too many comic gems floating out there in space to miss. Throughout, each star shining brightly in their own way. Too many to name, and all the better for brightening my horizons this evening.

Thank you for a very entertaining evening, and much hard work.

Cast Photographs

Thank you to the Portrait Group from Chichester Camera Club who have take many of the cast portraits shown below: