2014 - Wizard of Oz

The "Wizard of Oz" Reviews

"I just wanted to say well done to you all last night .I thought it looked very good. You have all obviously worked very hard"

"What a wonderful performance in every respect! The acting, singing, lighting, scenery, costumes, music etc.etc.etc. were all of an incredibly high standard and we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute"

"Just a short line to say how much we enjoyed the show yesterday evening. I though the actors were great. And, what terrific props – those trees and the costumes. I am sure that everyone works very hard indeed to achieve such a fantastic professional show. We did enjoy ourselves. Many thanks. We were able to have a brief chat with Jason, what an excellent Lion he was – mind you they were all good, I loved the witch, hope she got the green paint off her face, and that dear little dog. I thought you were not supposed to work with animals and children – but the Lavant Players certainly did well with both"

"I had not anticipated such a good performance. I can safely say that I enjoyed it far more than the west end production of same that I saw a few years ago. The Good Witch was very good. She carried it very well and looked and sounded lovely and played her truly graciously. The amount of work that has gone into the production must have been extraordinary. Jenny clearly enjoyed her part with gusto and looked increasingly green as the evening progressed... due I presume... to lighting. The key roles were all well honed and very loveable, the mini cast were a delight ... and boy was that Munchkin number a toughy, but they pulled it off with great success. There are a few odd numbers in the score which I have always struggled with but I did feel that the live music added to the performance and helped structure the obscure numbers... and that percussionist was a very entertaining watch. Focused concentration intent upon giving us atmosphere. I would love to have a waistcoat with the colour scheme of the Winkies wings. And Oz was very dapper. Desperately wanted to stuff something in the lions wig so that he could see. But of course in the film he has an almost miss piggy mannerism of pulling hair off face... so the gesture was apposite as he adjusted it. The set was great. Loved the legs. Amazed at the trees. Hope Jenny gets to keep her distant self. And the stage hands suitably efficient and unassuming. I could wax lyrical about each and every part. They have either been cast exceptionally fortuitously or are indeed very talented. Thank you for the invitation. It was a great evening out."