2011 - The Railway Children

Sensational Sell-Out Production!

What a show! 4 out 5 performances sold-out and standing room only. There was a massive clamour for tickets to see this outstanding production of "The Railway Children - a Musical". Wonderful songs such as "One Voice", "Nothing to Fear" and "Til the Day" the later beautifully performed by Christine Henry. And who can forget the Childrens' Ensemble with their excellent rendition of "Posh Talk". This story is a real challenge for the young people playing the 3 "Railway Children" - these are big parts requiring big peformances and each of the children were more than up to the challenge. Amongst the adult members of the cast, fine performances were give by Peter Hall as "Perks" the narrator of the story - he struck just the right note particularly during his scenes with the children; Christine Henry, as mother, despite suffering from laryngitis for 4 of the performances, sang with just the right tone and emotion and made us believe in her plight as an Edwardian "single" mother. Tony Clark played the "Old Gentleman" with dignity and a finely judged mixture of grandfatherly/avuncular concern.

For an amateur production this was "total" theatre at its best; all due to the multi-talented Director, Kathryn Wignall, and her dedicated back stage team very ably supported by the Musical Director, Paula McGovern, and her band. A glance at the programme reveals that about 40 people were involved both backstage and in front of house; and you could believe it. The attention to detail was huge, everything it it's right place and in period. The whole of the hall was decked out like an Edwardian railway station with period adverts and even a display of the old Lavant Railway station - fascinating in itself. A special tribute must also be paid to Richard Wignall who designed and constructed some of the significant parts of the very striking set - at the end of the first act you believed that a train was coming out of the tunnel and was going to head into the audience!

Show Photos Available

Show photographs are now available from our honourary photographer, Mel Vincent. See the slide show below:


Casting and auditions for the Lavant Players production took place on Monday 27 September 2010 and over 60 children and adults arrived eager to take part. We all started off by learning one of the signature songs from the show "One Voice"; this is a lovely 4 part harmony tune which we are all looking forward to work on in the coming weeks. The Lavant Players were gratified by the scale of the turn out and the great interest that this production has generated - thank you one and all. The rehearsal schedule for the production is attached to this page.